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01 April 2004 @ 09:48 pm

I wholeheartedly welcome new friends. All my entries for friends locked so in order to follow me here on LiveJournal you need to comment to this entry with a witty quote about why I should add you and please add me back as a friend. I'll add you back. Thanks!

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11 November 2013 @ 12:26 pm

I got Thanksgiving dinner planned out and my shopping list made. I need to see about getting a really fucking good blender to substitute for a food processor, because I don't think I can afford one now considering everything else I need to get.


Aside from the traditional turkey, I'm also making pumpkin ravioli, sweet potato & carrot casserole, balsamic roasted carrots and parsnips, and corn pudding.


I have a cheesecake on order from a coworker that brought a catalog in for her kid's school fundraiser, and may end up getting an Apple pie from Sam's Club as well.


I'm excited. Basic rule is if you help prep and cook, you are exempt from cleaning duty. My mother likes to show up late to skip helping and runs out before the end to avoid clean up. She won't be allowed to go anywhere until does one or the other.

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Friday, June 21, 2013 Last updated: Friday June 21, 2013, 1:48 PM

Traffic is being detoured around the scene of a collision between a northbound train and a truck, police reported.

The incident occurred on the railroad tracks on Hobart Place. The truck, which was hauling plastic pellets, got stuck on the tracks and the driver was unable to move it in time to avoid being hit by an oncoming train. The driver exited before the collision and was not hurt, police said.

Workers are currently addressing a fuel spill caused as a result of the incident.
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12 June 2013 @ 10:06 pm

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This is ridiculous. I'll add more comments below the article.

East Rutherford Catholic church's gay music director to quit over priest's sermonCollapse )

I understand very well the controversy over homosexuality in religion but it also is becoming widely more inappropriate in regards to actions like these. Just because a person is homosexual doesn't mean they can't be religious or hold faith in a high being. I may sound like hypocritical, as I don't like slash fan-fiction and I don't go to church, but I have my own beliefs and morals as well. Just because I don't like reading/hearing of slash, doesn't mean I don't support gay rights.

I applaud this man for standing up. As they said, the church had been welcoming before, but to outwardly speak like that when you know that one of your parishioners, your colleague, etc, is gay is fucked up.

I don't go to church and haven't for awhile. I'm can't stand the double talk and backstabbing that goes on at my family's church. My grandmother still goes but every time she comes home more pissed then when she left the house because of comments of other people or the priest. Churches cry that they are losing followers and wants those still there to do something about it. It won't fix anything until people admit what is wrong and sometimes it starts at the top.

My grandmother and I talked and she has been strongly considering going to another church because she is tired of the crap they put on her and the double standards. I think I shocked her when I said if she does change churches, I would start going again (at least to see if the other is more welcoming before I commit fully to going regularly or volunteering for any services).
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11 September 2011 @ 01:19 pm
Where were you?

I was sitting in my high school class for EMT (emergency medical technician), a pilot program offered to junior & senior students in replacement to 2 marking periods of health and gym (more than enough of both during the training).

The class was in 2 parts. First part was before normal class hours, beginning at 7:30 am. First period was officially at 8:20 AM. The second part was the 'first' period class timeslot.

We finished our lecture for the day and sat waiting for the bell to ring at 9:10 am. Continued on to my boring 2nd period class of sociology. By then the first tower was hit already at 8:46 am. We hadn't heard anything at all yet.

Went onto homeroom (yeah, my school was and still is fucked up that homeroom comes between 2nd and 3rd periods). Still no one knew anything or was said.

3rd period was my drama class (we read plays in classroom *rolls eyes*). The teacher wasn't there yet and it was no biggie. He was routinely late as he was also the school's activities director and got stopped by students in his office or hallway. Usually he was right outside the classroom talking to someone (and man did he love to talk!)

Twenty minutes into class, just before 10:00 am, he came rushing in. No words, just threw the television on and flipped to one of the few local channels that the school received. Before we realized what was going on, we were watching right as the first tower collapsed.

I could swear it got so silent that you heard people's hearts beating in their chests. I don't remember what happened right after that but when 4th period came, I skipped lunch and went to the office. Any student that was under 18 years, were not allowed to leave the school without a parent. Not even if the parent authorized over the phone. So I was running around the school, getting students and passing messages off from call ins to kids. 5th period was my study hall so I wasn't bothered. I worked it in the office anyway so I was covered. 6th period I was still running around and had to get a student from the music room which was right across from my drafting class (yes, my senior year was full of Mickey Mouse courses) and I was able to pop my head in to let my teacher know that I wasn't cutting or anything, that the office was using me still. He waved me off, saying I was fine and guaranteed to pass with an A already (first day he gave extra credit for the marking period and I had it in two days after, well past his expectations to know that I will top all his assignments).

7th period, my mother showed up to get me (I didn't know she was even coming) and we rushed home because she told me that my uncle had been scheduled to do some repairs for an affiliate office from telecharge in one of the towers that morning. We hadn't heard from him yet and she and my grandmother were freaking out.

It wasn't until hours later that he finally was able to get word that he was fine, trying to make it downtown to the ferries where they were taking people over the river to Jersey City and Hoboken in the evacuation.

He had to walk from there all the way up to Weehawken almost to get to where my other uncle was waiting (traffic and shut downs of the tunnels and all areas like that).

He had missed it because he overslept that morning and was late into work. He said that when he walked out of the Port Authority, he saw people screaming and freaking but he didn't know or think about it much. When he got to the office, the doorman told him what happened and until he got upstairs to see the TV and hear on the radio, he didn't believe a thing.

I know EMS people I used to volunteer with were working that day and told me that when they walked in to find their crew watching the news, one girl who didn't know yet asked 'What fucked up movie are you watching?' before realizing it was the real news.
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04 September 2011 @ 09:08 pm
I made potpies yesterday for dinner. Overall it took about 2 hours to do, on and off, because I was distracted by the Lucky 7's (gateteam_sg7) and my mistress toomuchfandom.

Here are the pics!

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02 September 2011 @ 11:23 am

startrekland | startrekland | startrekland

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30 August 2011 @ 09:42 pm
Some pictures around the area I took when Grandma and I went for a drive today.

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30 August 2011 @ 12:44 am
I love you.

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